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My name is Trevin Rudy and am a PNW photographer in Washington State. I started photography 3.5 years ago and truly changed my life. Never would have thought that God gave me such an amazing gift and thankful that I received a Nikon D3300 which sparked my interest to become a professional photographer.

I now shoot at a professional level for almost any kind of photography but, some kind of portrait style still had my heart. Personally love to capture emotion and candid shots are my favorite.

Feel free to send me a message to get in contact and excited to working with you in the future.

Contact me

Tel: 360-610-9366

Email: trevinjrudy@gmail.com

For Trevin Rudy Photography, which is located in Mount Vernon, WA taking photographs is more than a profession. It’s a true lifelong passion. They love to capture genuine moments and have the ability to frame their images in interesting and unique ways. Get in touch for more information. Trevinjrudy@gmail.com or 360-610-9366

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